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Microread Genetics has strong independent research and development capabilities.Based on the first-generation sequencing capillary electrophoresis platform (gold standard of sequencing technology), we have developed a series of direct amplification kits with blood and blood card samples. There are three main product lines, covering tests for inherited disorders, precision medicine, and drug guidance for cancer patients. Featured products include tests for Fragile X Syndrome, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, drug guidance for anti-thrombosis, hypertension, hyperglycemia, statins, nitroglycerin, folic acid, and MSI testing, fulfilling the demands of clinical customers.
Introduction to Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) Platform

CE platform is an electrophoresis technology that uses gel as separation medium,capillary as separation lane and high-pressure direct current electrophoresis as separation driving force. It is an important detection method for nucleic acid fragment size analysis. Compared with traditional electrophoresis platform, the CE platform has a higher separation efficiency for nucleic acids, and has a higher resolution and sensitivity.

Accurately detect:STR /SNP/InDel/CNV
Different types of molecular markers can be detected simultaneously in a singel tube.


Features and advantages
■ Easy-to-use: 
Amplification can be accomplished in a single PCR tube within 3 hours. 
Only 20 min manual operation.
■ Accurate: 
More accurate than DNA chip or qPCR, revealed by clinical data research. Our unique anti-contamination system greatly reduces the possibility of cross-contamination.
■ Affordable: 
50% cheaper than similar products for each DNA target.
■ Wide applications: 
This technique is used for various applications, like testing of inherited disorders,drug-guidance of cancer or cardiovascular disease treatments.