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Microreader™ 26 RM-Yplex ID System

Microreader™ 26 RM-Yplex ID System

Microreader™ 26 RM-Yplex ID System is an innovative system which uses a 6-dye fluo­rescent technology and a co-amplification method to detect 26 rapidly mutating Y STR alleles. It is powerful to differentiate related male individuals. Thus, could be used widely in forensic cases.


Microreader™ 26 RM-Yplex ID System can solve the problems when individuals share the same genotype profiles using regular RM-Y kits, which greatly improves the discrimination power when conduct family survey and casework investigations. It is a powerful tool to differentiate related male individuals, could be used widely in forensic cases.

The Kit is subjected to rigorous quality control testing to offer consistent performance. We develop and manufacture our products in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 18385 quality system requirements.

Key Features

Joint R&D product with Dubai Police G.H.Q.

Innovative and unique, contains newly discovered rapid mutating loci.
Detect trace amounts of male DNA when present in a large amount of background female DNA.
Improved discrimination power, especially suitable for differentiating the paternally related individuals.

High Compatibility

The kit is able to co-amplify 26 rapidly mutating Y-STRs in a single PCR reaction, consisting of 10 multi-copy markers and 16 single copy markers, making it an aiding tool to existing Y-STR kits available in the market.

Excellent sensitivity and stability

This kit is proven to be highly sensitive allowing it to obtain full profiles & effective locus information as low as DNA input of 0.125ng. It also has a strong anti-inhibitor ability to samples containing humic acid & tannic acid.

Solution of DNA Mixture

The kit can detect trace amounts of male DNA when present in a large amount of background female DNA. This system could generate full profiles in a mixed sample of male to female up to 1:3200 ratio.

Flexible application

Suitable for different sample types, full and clear profiles could be obtained with extracted DNA and direct amplification of blood cards, saliva cards, swabs, etc.

Product Details

Microreader™ 26 RM-Yplex ID System Product Details

For Use with (Application)


Unit size

100 Reactions

Label or Dye

6 Dye

Product type

PCR amplification Kit

Detection method

Capillary Electrophoresis

Shipping Condition

Dry ice

Stroge Condition

Store at –25 to –15°C upon receipt and at 2–8°C after initial use

Target Loci

DYS570, DYS724, DYF403S1b1, DYF403S1b2, DYS627, DYS612, DYS518, DYF403S1a, DYS712, DYS1007, DYS1003, DYF399S1, DYS626, DYS685, DYS1010, DYS1012, DYF1001, DYF404S1, DYF387S1, DYS449, DYS547, DYR88, DYS576, DYF1000, DYS526b, DYF1002, DYS688