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Microreader™ RM-Y

Microreader™ RM-Y

Microreader™ RM-Y ID System uses a 5-dye fluorescent technology and a co-amplification method to detect 26 rapid mutated Y STR loci. It is specifically designed for supplementary testing for regular Y chromosome detection. 

For regular casework autosome kit, please see "Microreader™ 28A ID System"

For regular Y-chromosome kits, please see "Microreader™ Y Prime ID System" or "Microreader™ Y Prime Plus ID System".


Microreader™ RM-Y ID System is a new 26-plex STR genotyping system that amplified 26 rapid mutated Y STR (RM-Y) loci with 5-color dye channels. It can solve the problems when various families share the same genotype profile using regular Y STR kits, which greatly improves the discrimination when conduct family survey and casework investigations.
The Kit is subjected to rigorous quality control testing to offer consistent performance. We develop and manufacture our products in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 18385 quality system requirements.

Key Features

26 highly rapid mutated Y STR loci is a highly informative supplement for regular Y STR kits.
■ Improved genotyping accuracy through superior primer design, expanded allelic ladder and virtual bins.
■ Greatly improves the discrimination when conduct family survey and casework investigations.

Improved discrimination

The high-mutation Y-STR loci with an average mutation rate of 1% were selected to increase the identification ability of male families. Once the kit was on the market, it has helped several public security customers to distinguish the families and locate the suspected family successfully solved many major murdering and sexual assault cases. 

High informative

A total of more than 50 Y STR loci could be detected combining with regular Y STR kits.

Compatible for various sample types

Allows direct amplification from these common sample types used in paternity testing without the need for extraction or purification, such as blood and buccal samples deposited on swab or paper substrates, as well as extracted DNA from various sample.

A Case Presentation

In 2017, a municipal public security bureau successfully solved the murder of Zhao with a MicroreaderTM RM-Y ID System. Police in the city carried out DNA tests on people in villages nearby the scene of the crime. The Y-STR test was used to investigate more than 6,000 samples from nearby villages and polices found that the Y-STR profiles of 27 families in three unrelated surnames was consistent with the comparison results of suspects at the scene. The 27 families were analyzed by autosomal typing by conventional methods, and the results showed that there were no exactly matched people. Therefore, the public security bureau adopted a MicroreaderTM RM-Y ID System to conduct additional tests on 27 suspects whose families were consistent with the classification of suspects at the scene. They successful screened a matched family match, through conducting investigation on the family, this case has been solved.

Product Details

Microreader™ RM-Y ID System Product Details

For Use with (Application)


Unit size

100/200 Reactions

Label or Dye

5 Dye

Product type

PCR amplification Kit

Detection method

Capillary Electrophoresis

Shipping Condition

Dry ice

Stroge Condition

Store at –25 to –15°C upon receipt and at 2–8°C after initial use

Target Loci

DYS630, DYS464 a/b/c/d, DYF403S1b 1/2, DYS612, DYS518, DYF403S1a 1/2, DYS526 b, DYF399S1 a/b/c, DYS626, DYS627, DYS713, DYS527 a/b, DYF404S1 a/b, DYF387S1 a/b, DYS449, DYS547