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Microreader™ 19X ID System

Microreader™ 19X ID System

Microreader™ 19X ID System (MR19X) amplifies 19 X-STR loci in a single PCR reaction using 5-dye chemistry, as well as one gender markers (Amelogenin), to provide the higher discriminatory capacity of any commercially available X-STR kit. This kit can provide the convenience of smaller amplicon size range and more highly discriminating markers.

Fast and efficient

MR19X enables the direct amplification of blood /saliva spot samples on filter paper and FTA™ paper without the need for extraction or purification. In addition, efficient protocols minimize amplification time compared to previous-generation kits.

Wide range of applications

MR19X now is available for population-genetic, evolutionary, genealogical, and any other forensic investigation requirements (including human identification recognition).

Wide applicability

MR23sp employs a direct amplification workflow from these common sample types used in paternity testing: blood, plaque, speckles, saliva, hair, nails, cartilage, amniotic fluid and other tissues from human.

Strong compatibility

MR19X can be used alone and also combined with any Autosomes STR kit, helping to enable forensic DNA labs worldwide to maximize information recovery and improve overall efficiency.

Amplified alleles included in the kit with their typing results

Product size and part number

10403028 /50 reactions

10403029 /100 reactions

10302022 /5-matrix