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Microreader™ 29Y Direct ID System

Microreader™ 29Y Direct ID System

Microreader™ 29Y Direct ID System(29Y is a 5-dye multiplex assay for highly challenging Y-STR casework and database samples. The Kit enables multiplex amplification of the 29 Y-STR markers, in particular, the 7 rapidly-mutating (RM) Y-STRs, to improve resolution of paternal lineage differentiation as well as helps with discrimination of closely-related males.  With inclusion of 8 mini-STRs, this kit is optimized for use with the difficult types of samples including those that are degraded and contain inhibitors.

Fast and efficient

29Y enables the direct amplification of blood /saliva spot samples on filter paper and FTA™ paper without the need for extraction or purification. In addition, efficient protocols minimize amplification time compared to previous-generation kits.

Amplified alleles included in the kit with their typing results