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Microway™ MW-MP48 magnet

Microway™ MW-MP48 magnet

Microway™ MW-MP48 magnet(MP48) is designed for rapid automated preparation of highly pure DNA from body fluids and swab samples using the magnetic-particle technology. The obtained nucleic acids are of high quality and free of proteins, nucleases, and other contaminants or inhibitors, can be used directly in various downstream applications.


Fast—combines a strong magnetic attraction for efficient separations within 30 seconds

Convenient—enables efficient extraction by only a few cells, with unique reagents and stable magnetic beads

Compatibility—used for manual,or in conjunction with other prevalidated, preprogrammed instrument protocols within an automatic workflow, based on no physical interaction with the liquid volume during mixing

Beautiful appearance—small volume, much use, customer experience increases

Wide application—high-quality yields of target nucleic acids within 30 minutes, helping increasing safety and minimizing cross-contamination

Multi-function magnetic separation rack

The magnet combines a strong magnetic attraction for efficient separations in standard microcentrifuge tubes with a flexible and smart ergonomic design.