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Microreader™ Paternity testing software

Microreader™ Paternity testing software

The microread has developed a software that has independent copyright, which can analyze the traditional genetic relationship and other genetic relationships.


High efficiencycontains a surface active substance that can efficiently transfer the samples from the carrier, while avoiding the pollution from the package

Convenient—putting samples directly into the centrifugal tube to seal preservation, saving the process of the later sampling and avoiding the loss of nucleic acid
—keeping samples at room temperature, and the test proves that the quality of nucleic acid in the sample is improved significantly compared with the previous method of preservation,this preservation way is reassuring

Product advantage

Figure note: In the sampling process with "MW-sample keeper", 75% ethanol and water as different save reagent, the saved samples in 35℃ closed tube are placed at different times, then using the our correlative products to process the extraction and amplification of nucleic acids and detection .

Experiments show that in the process of 35℃ after 3 weeks, compared with the fresh samples, the amplification effect of sample treater by this reagent has no obvious change.

With MW-sample keeper, the effect is great!